Investment Advisor Agency


Investment Advisor Agency


Central America Investment 'CAI' is the first agency in Belize to provide investment advice with the sole focus of protecting the buyer's interests in the real estate market.

We fully support you by establishing an investment strategy tailored to your objectives and your budget.

Our goal is to represent our clients throughout the process of purchasing property as if it were for us. Our aim is specially on getting the best deals for our clients.

CAI conducts all verifications on your behalf and ensures that you are making a good investment. Keep the fun part and excitement of becoming an owner without the stress it could bring when lacking local experiences.

Central America Investment is your buyer and asset tracker

With a well-established system to avoid conflicts of interest, we are not paid based on the price of the property.

Central America Investment tries to find properties off-market to get the best deals. However, if our client has a specific property in mind, we also represent him and negotiate with the owner directly or with the real estate agent if it is under contract.

At CAI, to be consistent and respectful of our concept, we only BUY or develop; we do not sell properties. We work closely with the best real estate agencies in Belize and can make recommendations and introductions for our clients.



Between passion & discovery

Central America Investment was created to protect buyers. The objective is serving clients’ needs when investing in the real estate market in Belize. As well as safeguarding Belize, Belizean, and the natural habitat that the country offers.

In any country, any city, the Real Estate market, is not always easy to understand and is continually moving. Belize does not have a regulatory framework to value the public real estate market prices formally. This leads to a wide variation of prices of any kind of property.

We offer property valuation for our clients. It can be frustrating for buyers who could overpay for properties if not careful. CAI is here to avoid that and offers our clients the knowledge and experience to avoid overpaying.



To love, create & preserve

Manon left her native country very early, and always thirsted for discovery and challenge. From an early age, negotiation has been her playground, and throughout her career, she acquired the skills and experience needed to find excellent opportunities.

We’ve seen many people invested in real estate without the proper experience. At CAI, we help you avoid costly mistakes that occur when buying alone. We walk our clients through the ins and outs of purchasing a property.

Manon has learned through her experience

As the adage goes; Good judgment comes from experience, and experience comes from bad judgment. And I’m happy to share my good judgment with my clients.”

The hummingbird is the logo of Central America Investment because it symbolizes adaptability and resilience while maintaining a playful and optimistic perspective.

She sees life this way, and it’s the message she wants to convey to partners, clients, and team.

Our team is looking forward to sharing our experience and helping you find your dream in the Jewel of Belize.


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