What we do


What we do


Discover our different investment services.

If you intend to invest money to get significant returns investing in Belize is a safe & fitting choice. Belize is a fast-growing country, and your real estate investments will grow quicker here than in most developed countries.

Excellent offers are continuously on the market if you know where to look!



We assist our clients from conception to closing.

Central America Investment accompanies you completely by establishing a tailor-made investment strategy according to your objectives and budget:

  • If you have a specific project in mind, we will study wherein Belize you can be the most successful and will advise you.
  • If you only have a budget and vague objective, we can assist you in creating a full strategy. We will discuss your ideas and, based on your feedback, will suggest what we believe fits you best.

We deliver you a personalized presentation grouping the best opportunities found for you. You will have a description of all the positives and negatives points of each with a valuation.

With CAI, you know the ins and out before the purchase, and we avoid costly mistakes and unpleasant after-purchase surprises that can happen when purchasing without someone to represent you. We work in the long-term relationship with our clients and collaboration on other investments with most of them.

Dynamic and looking for challenges. Our priority is to get you an immediate return on investment by buying below market.



Whether you want to buy off-market properties from our tailor-made investment strategy or in the REAL ESTATE listings, Central America Investment will represent you.

Some clients have specific properties in mind already. We then represent them and negotiate directly with the owners when no agency is involved & with Real Estate firms when the product is already listed.

Central America Investment will assist you in finding your dream. We will be negotiating on your behalf to ensure you receive the best rates. CAI asks all the questions you may not have thought about and does the proper checks on the properties as well as valuations and history purchase prices.

We recommend:

  • For a retirement project, quick expatriation, or direct rental investment: Turnkey product/ Preconstruction plan/ Completed condo.
  • For longer-term investment: empty lands to develop or subdivide. Keep in mind that you must be here during construction.
  • For pure investment without management: Real Estate company fund.

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case.”

_Robert G. Allen


How does it work?

We tightly select our clientele and as much as possible in the goal of Eco-sustainability married to business.

CAI is taking care of everything!


  • Definine your goals & objectives
  • Establish a strategy
  • Hunt for your property


If property under contract

Contact the agency for you to represent you and negotiate on your behalf.

If unknown owner

Research to find the owner and make an offer


After we complete the property checks and once you finalize your choice, we will:

  • Make a Purchase-Sale Offer
  • Negotiations – Representation
  • Assistance in business creation if necessary
  • Intermediary, interlocutor, and interpreter with the notary/lawyer for the sales agreement and transfer papers;
  • Verifying all the contracts
  • Coordinating payment & transfer along with the signing
  • Monitoring the transaction until obtaining the title deed.
  • CAI will also connect you to any other professional needed and give you a list of trusted companies.

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