Why Belize


Why Belize


Belize is a small country that as so much to offer

Between Mexico and Guatemala boarded by the Caribbean Sea and the barrier reef. You will also find Maya treasures and a beautiful jungle with one of the most preserved wildlife in the world.

  • Only English speaking country in Central America
  • Culturally rich & Social diversity
  • Business & Tax friendly
  • Pleasant climate all year round
  • Politically stable COMMONWEALTH
  • Active member of the CARICOM
  • Property rights at 100%
  • Tourist arrivals 14.6 % growth
  • World 2nd largest Barrier reef
  • UNESCO world heritage
  • Best Mayan archeological sites
  • Jungle & nature preserved

Belize is a fast-growing country, and real estate investments are very profitable.

Once we have judiciously selected a property and done the necessary checks, the purchasing is fast and reliable. You can buy property in your name or under your company.

Today is the right time and the best option for a short/medium or long-term investment, whether you decide to build or not. Prices are continually increasing, and the development of Belize continues his progress.

Many lands are not connected to electricity yet, although it’s imminent in certain areas. In this case, the value can quickly double or triple in a year. It’s judicious to search these zones if you do not have a precise plan or strategy as well as going for a medium- or long-term placement.

Buying land is currently among the most cost-effective options, especially if you can buy large areas for development or subdivision purposes. Cai can also offer the service to assist you if you wish to subdivide your land.

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